The Ting Tings perform "Shut Up And Let Me Go" on Jimmy Kimmel Live

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ting-tings-kimmel.gifThe Ting Tings have made a bit of a splash in the States after “Shut Up And Let Me Go” was used to soundtrack an Apple/iTunes advert. Of course they’ve already hit number one over here as well… But amongst all this fuss, this is the first time I’ve seen any live footage of them.
Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Saturday night, they appear to have hidden their bassist and keyboardist in the back somewhere. They must be fugly. I bet the drummer only just got the nod to appear on screen, because the focus is really all about Lady Ting (or Katie White, to give her her real name).

Despite a fun percussion breakdown towards the end of the track (including cowbell!) and lots of good pop-moshing, it’s easy to see the band as a flash in the pan – their songs are fun and catchy, but you do wonder if they’ll be able to get away with such lack of substance beyond the first album.
Golly. I got a bit serious there, didn’t I? This is pop music. Enjoy it.

[video: musicsnobbery]

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