Courtney Love's MySpace missives continue to entertain far more regularly than her music

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courtney_love.gifI was going to write this piece in a faux-valley girl blogger style, but what’s the point? Courtney Love’s rambling MySpace open letters are waaay beyond parody.
At the moment she’s accusing Ryan Adams of using $858,000 of her daughter’s money to produce his 2003 album Rock n’Roll, and boy does she want payback. Now, when Courtney discovered this little fiscal irregularity she was going through the statements for her TWENTY-NINE credit cards, so that gives you an idea of how she lost track.

Would I be a tad heartless if I suggested that perhaps Courtney should be pointing the finger at whoever is in charge of her financial affairs (because she sure as hell ain’t)? I mean, you give a junkie rock star a credit card and what do you think he’s going to do? Go to great lengths to ensure the money’s not coming from a kid’s trust fund?
Anyway, Courtney appears to be on a bit of a roll on the old blog tip (blogroll?) these days, so if you fancy some small-font stream-of-semi-consciousness fun, head over there before she comes down gets bored.
[via Stereogum]

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