My Chemical Toilet chats to Gary Numan at The Mighty Boosh Festival

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Clare went to The Mighty Boosh Festival the other day. Backstage she only bloody went and bumped into electro legend – and Boosh hero – Gary Numan, who agreed to sit down and have a little chat. Here is that chat. YES I KNOW THE SOUND IS BAD IF YOU CAN’T HEAR WHAT HE’S SAYING JUST ADMIRE HIS HAIR AND WRISTBANDS.

[video: MyChemicalToiletTV]

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  1. Machman says:

    Numan is such a genuine guy! So humble and down to earth and even seems a little timid! But when he gets up on stage he is without doubt the best live performer you’ll ever see. His performance was so powerful, so commanding, with so much energy and at times menace. If you haven’t seen him live yet do whatever it takes to rectify the situation you will not regret one single moment of your time spent in the presence of a musical genius. Well done MCT for the interview really enjoyed it!

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