Sonny J – the new band to love this summer or annoyingly retro?

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disastro.jpgLike The Go! Team? Junior Senior? I Monster’s “Daydream In Blue”? Chances are you’ll love Sonny J then. But the album itself – Disastro on EMI – has received mixed reviews, with the Guardian giving it two stars and calling it “tune-free and joyless”. The album is certainly mixed, with some tunes that just don’t work, but I’m finding it hard to resist the energy of some of the tracks – even if the formula does seem to be very familiar by now. Old 60s tunes, re-worked with some electronic noises and catchy beats – it’s all here, appealing to that part of our brain that thinks Hair is a great musical.
But is that really so bad? I mean, I bet most of you sing along to “Drinking in LA” even though you know deep down that it’s a second rate bit of sub-Eels summer fun. Well, now it’s time for you to decide. Check out the videos over the turn and tell us if you think Sonny J is the new soundtrack for the summer or if it’s OMC’s How Bizarre happening all over again.

Handsfree (If you hold my hand) Thriller pastiche video (even the videos are cover versions!)

Can’t stop moving
Old 60s style video footage adds some off the peg quirk. I still love it though.

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