The Daily Mail is bewildered by Jay-Z

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Isabelle, editor of Brandish, is outraged at the review of Jay-Z’s Glasto appearance that has appeared in the cuddly old Daily Mail. It’s written by the supremely irritating Liz Jones, but could also be read as some kind of parody of how your Mum might review the world’s largest performing arts festival. Behold:
Jay-Z emerged on the stage like an only slightly slimmer version of American Vogue’s fashion director Andre Leon Talley, dressed, despite the warm evening and the pitch dark, in a duffle coat with hood, thick scarf and giant sunglasses, and proceeded to shout at us, making us do all the work.
I hate it when stars do this, making us sing and wave our arms, when we have paid them to do the entertaining. It was truly dreadful. ‘Thank y’all for embracing my culture,’ he yelled, over and over again.

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Those who stayed away from the festival (it was the first time in 15 years that tickets hadn’t sold out) because they felt rap (an ‘art’ form that is necessarily studio-based because it uses pre-recorded music and its ‘artists’ don’t actually sing) was out-of-place at a rock festival were completely justified.
Read the rest of this rock journalism masterclass here.
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