The Vines' new album Melodia streaming for free on MySpace

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craig_nicholls_the_vines.gifYesterday was a pretty “meh” kind of day until I discovered, via indieblogheaven, that The Vines are streaming their new album on their MySpace page.
Now don’t you dare tell me you’ve forgotten all about The Vines. Sure, the last couple of albums weren’t as good as their debut, but they had enough flashes of brilliance to whet the appetite for their fourth release, Melodia.
If you start whistling along with a song the very first time you hear it, that’s a pretty good sign you’re listening to one hella hooky hook. That happened a few times on my first listen to Melodia. It would appear to possess all the grunge, psychedelia, tunefulness and shouting you want from a Vines album. I am rather excited by it, and reckon you will be as well.
Check out Melodia at The Vines MySpace
[via indieblogheaven]

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