Use the Roberts solarDAB radio to block out festival acts you'd rather weren't there

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Roberts_solarDAB_radio.jpgThere are a lot of lovely things for the music lover to see and do at festivals, but there are also usually some eejits around to abuse your sensitive lugs. Drunken buskers who think they’re the new Pete Doherty. Some crew of religious nutters. Keane.
Well now you can take your own frickin’ music along, thank you very much, and you won’t need to worry about battery power because this wee box runs on MAGICAL SUNRAYS. Or solar power.
The pretty little Roberts solarDAB is the world’s first solar-powered DAB radio, and provides up to 27 hours of music juice.

Now, if you’re in Britain you might be all like, “uh hello? Solar? Sun? We don’t have that here, even in summer.” Fair point. However, the solarDAB doesn’t need to be in direct sunlight to work – its solar panels and built-in rechargeable batteries mean it can provide musical goodness even if it’s not 99 degrees and clear-skied outside.
Obviously this is all marvellous news for the environment as well as your ears, since it means no batteries need be disposed of. You can create ten radio channels as presets, and in addition the solarDAB has a line-in socket so you can use it as a speaker for your MP3 player.
The icing on the cake is that the solarDAB comes in a range of delightful colours: white, black, red, green and pink.
Visit the Roberts website for more info
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