Can You Gig It?: Mudhoney @ Kentish Town Forum, London, 31.7.08

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mark_arm_mudhoney.gifA very excited boy named Mike Cutler went to check out grunge legends Mudhoney last week. This is what he thunk:
I returned to the Forum after loving it so much the first time when seeing Sonic Youth there some years ago. It appears nothing has changed here except the band. The sound can be lost a little downstairs at the back as it probably gets blocked by the balcony, but who stands at the back anyway?!
The crowd were more of a mixed bunch than expected. I thought it would just be us old people dusting off our Mudhoney shirts and having our carers rock our heads back and forth in time to the music, but there were a surprising number of young ‘uns who seemed just as in to it as us old folk. For the first time I actually thought this was a good thing and was glad it meant something to them too; maybe they found in the tunes what I did 20-odd years ago.

The bar was fairly priced for the draught beers but it wasn’t the greatest pint in the world. Of course, this didn’t matter with Mudhoney on stage. At least the staff were quick and gave service with a smile.
Luckily I was drawn to the moshpit by the band’s awesome performance of a number of classics interweaved with tracks from the new album. I say lucky as it was about 28 degrees outside and so hot in the venue I lost the beer in sweat as my friend was wading through Lake Gents.
The highlight for me was more personal than a specific onstage incident. It was the fact of the gig itself. Mudhoney have lost nothing over the years – some of their peers are out playing stadium gigs, some are dead and gone, others just drifted into obscurity, but I stood there at this show and, except for Matt Lukin, I was looking at the same old Mudhoney.
The drums were still rolled like thunder, the guitars wailed, the bass rumbled and Mark Arm threw every lyric out to the back of the room as though it had just slept with his wife. The raw and passionate feeling of grunge was evident, and it filled my heart and came out in a smile I saw repeated countless times around me in the moshpit.
Tell me the date of the next gig and I’m there.

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