Daryl Hall gets to continue his career without leaving his house

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daryl_hall_daryls_house.gifDid you know that Daryl Hall (left, click image to enlarge) from legendary blue-eyed soul combo Hall & Oates has this, like, whole internet TV show thing going on? S’true! You can even buy punctuation-free t-shirts for it!
Live From Daryl’s House sees Dazza collaborating on all manner of tuneage with folk who he’s dragged to his crib. Unsurprisingly a fair bit of Dazza’s back catalogue makes it in, which is no bad thing. If you go here, for example, you can see him perform billowing-curtain classic “Sara Smile” with, um, some dude called Monte Montogemery.
This week’s show, moreover, will feature shitbrilliant electro-funk pair Chromeo joining the smooth old hermit.

Chromeo admit rather endearingly: “Given that he pretty much wrote half our songs, it was about time we met Daryl Hall in real life.”
Oh God, PLEASE let Daryl have a go at that vocoder thing you use, Chromeo?
Check out Live From Daryl’s House from August 15th to see the Chromeo episode
And all of this is a great excuse to post one of Hall & Oates’s classics to our Taxicab Classics category, no?

[video: yourmoms]
[via MusicTowers]

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