Fleet Foxes perform "Blue Ridge Mountains" on Letterman

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letterman_fleet_foxes.gifI still think the guy from Fleet Foxes sounds a bit too much like the guy from My Morning Jacket, personally. Except he goes flat even more. And My Morning Jacket write better songs.
YES I KNOW I’M IN THE MINORITY. I just don’t know what the big deal is with Fleet Foxes, OK? I’ve listened to the album, which has received more stars than Hollywood Boulevard over the last few months. I mean, I heard it described as some sort of landmark in American music. How is this the case? Are there no other folky, worthy, beardy bands making music out there these days? ‘Cos I thought there were hundreds. And most of them bore the shit out of me as well.
Anyway, see them on Letterman after the jump and see if it provides further evidence that I’m totally missing the point.

[video: wonkamusic]

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