Huey Lewis and the News hop aboard the Pineapple Express

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huey_lewis.gifYou thought M.I.A’s “Paper Planes” was the theme tune for Seth Rogan’s forthcoming movie Pineapple Express, didn’t you? Can’t blame you really, since it’s been used to great effect on the film’s trailer and has since become a bona fide international hit.
However, although the song was used for the trailer, looking at the disgruntled comments on YouTube it seems it doesn’t appear in the film itself at all.
But fear not, for the official theme is just as noteworthy, having been written and performed by 80s soundtrack faves Huey Lewis and the News. And it’s not a million miles away from the upbeat, horn-festooned sound you’ll associate with Huey (above, click to enlarge) and the chaps, either.
It does have a stoner vibe to it though, which is appropriate for the film but feels a leetle odd coming from a guy who is *checks Wikipedia* 58 years of age.
Kudos to Lewis & co., however, for shoehorning the rather awkward title of the movie into the song’s chorus. See them performing it on Jimmy Kimmel Live over the page…

[video: musickimmel]

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