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lollapalooza_2008.gifIt’s our first In-Tents Questioning from a US festival, folks! *releases ticker tape*
Committed and most entertaining blogger Melanie Seasons – who you can read at Fake Plastic Noodles (guess her favourite band) – went to Lollapalooza in Chicago at the weekend. Do Radiohead and sunshine mix well? How hot can wine get? How dangerous are those little plastic personal fans? All will be revealed…
1. Kindly tell us your name, age and where you’re from. Now.
Melanie Seasons, 25, Ann Arbor, Michigan.
2. Which festival have you recently attended?
Lollapalooza, Day 1 on August 1, 2008.
3. Have you attended this festival before? If yes, how does this year compare?
Hadn’t been before, but many of my friends have. As far as I’m concerned, the line-up for Friday could never compare to the fest’s other years.
4. Which act gave the best performance, and why?
As much as it pains me to say it, it’s a toss-up between The Raconteurs and Radiohead. Radiohead is my all-time favorite band, but I have to admit the energy in the audience was lacking. People seemed to be much more alert for The Raconteurs and it really showed on stage.

5. If you could have promoted one act on the bill to headline status, who would you choose? Why?
I suppose I would have to choose The Raconteurs. They really were fantastic and their ability to get nearly the entire crowd up and dancing during such a long hot afternoon was impressive.
6. Did your opinion of any acts change radically as a result of their performance?
I really enjoyed CSS’ set. I hadn’t heard of them before, but I haven’t stopped listening to the album since I got home.
7. Nicest surprise / biggest disappointment (music-related or otherwise)?
There was, in the shade, an oasis of hammocks sponsored by a local Chicago radio station. It was a very welcome discovery!
Biggest disappointment was the lack of enthusiasm on Friday night. (Also should mention that my thoughts about Cat Power not being a good live act were cemented. I’ve seen her twice now and both times I nearly fell asleep. I love the studio albums, though!)
8. What was the best heckle you heard?
Wasn’t there on Sunday to see Kanye, so I can’t tell you! (Zing! – Ed)
9. Any high-quality onstage banter you feel deserves highlighting?
During Radiohead Thom Yorke commented about how quiet the audience was. I groaned a little inside. How can an audience of nearly 75,000 people be quiet?! It was true, though. People talked through the entire thing…
10. What was the funniest moment (music-related or otherwise)?
The AT&T booth gave out these tiny personal fans to keep cool, but because it was so hot, people would keep them close to their faces and end up whacking themselves in the chin with the moving plastic. I may or may not have done this myself several times.
11. Weirdest moment (if different)?
The fact that they were serving wine in a Nalgene bottle in 95 degree (that’s 35 centigrade to you Brits!) heat. Can you imagine enjoying a chardonnay sitting in hot plastic for five hours?
12. Any moments of sheer terror you’d like to share?
Nope – all-in-all it was a smooth day.
13. Anything you wish you’d brought with you?
I wish they would have let us bring in our own water bottles. It was soooo hot in the sun and the beverages were quite expensive.
14. Anything you wish you’d left behind?
I’m a conscientious packer :)
15. Please mark the following elements out of 10, with any comments:
General facilities: 8 (but only because of the lack of shade)
Crowd / audience: 7
Food and drink value for money: 7
16. Finally – anything else you’d like to mention?
I had a great time, but the one day was enough for me. I pretty much collapsed at the hotel when we got home from the shows!

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