Lovebox 2008 coverage includes, er, Britain's first fruit fight. And Lethal Bizzle

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Weird, isn’t it, how channels get the rights to cover music festivals, but then choose to air them weeks after the fact and in the wee hours. On a weeknight. Is this because they can’t sell advertising around music festivals? I dunno.
The Lovebox London Weekender, Groove Armada’s very own festival (now there’s a way to guarantee headline status), took place the best part of a month back now. Featured artists included Goldfrapp, The Flaming Lips, Manu Chao, Lethal Bizzle, Young Knives and, of course, the Armada themselves.

Channel 4 will be airing highlights of the event this coming Monday 25th August at 12.55am, but it’s not just music, oh no.
Part of the entertainment was Britain’s first ever fruit fight, thanks to sponsors Boost Juice Bars. Now, I’m tempted to dispute the claim that it was Britain’s first ever fruit fight on account of that time my brother and I threw oranges at each other’s heads. Surely that counts.
But anyway, you’ll be able to check out loads of people pelting each other with berries n’stuff should you be up that late on a Sunday evening, which is surely more entertaining than… well, sleeping.

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