EDF Energy turn Kermit's "Bein' Green" into ode to the environment

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kermit.jpgIf you’ve seen those EDF Energy ads over the course of the year and think you’ve heard the song it uses before, it’ll be because Kermit The Frog sang it. Yep, “Bein’ Green”, when it first hit the TV screen back in the 60s, was Kermie’s lament at being coloured an unglamourous shade.
The colour green has developed its own associations over the years, of course. As well as being the colour that signifies when you’re about to spew out the previous night’s boozy pops, it’s come to be associated most clearly with efforts to preserve the environment so that the children of the future can grow up and spew out the previous night’s boozy pops.
Check out the Kermit original and the EDF Energy-approved cover after the jump…

EDF Energy’s version of “Bein’ Green” is by some folk called 2 Different People, and you can buy it next month – or pre-order it now – hereabouts. Proceeds go towards EDF’s Green Fund, which provides money to not-for-profit organisations like schools and Lehman Brothers bank. Have a wee listen to it below, and then – because you know you’ll want to – below that, Kermit’s vintage original from Sesame Street.

[video: digiadam]

[video: asaweryold]

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