Nouvelle Vague producer rearranges 80s movie themes to Nouvelle Vague-ish effect

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hollywood_mon_amour.jpgIf you enjoyed Nouvelle Vague‘s covers of new wave classics rendered in a bossanova style, you are going to love the shit out the album Hollywood, Mon Amour. It’s been put together by the same chap, Marc Collin, and features vocalists such as creamy-larynxed ex-Morcheeba singer Skye and “New Soul” chanteuse Yael Naim.
Hollywood, Mon Amour basically takes songs made famous by 1980s movies and gives them the Nouvelle Vague treatment. So it opens with a version of Blondie’s “Call Me” – from American Gigolo – and then goes onto “Eye Of The Tiger” from Rocky III.
Using maths, we can therefore work out that this album contains more goodness in its opening two salvos than the entire recorded output of, say, The Enemy.

I do wonder how long the novelty of such projects can continue to delight and entertain, but I can confirm that once you know you’ve got a jazz/swing version of “Footloose” in your possession life definitely improves somewhat. You can check out that track and a few others at the Hollywood, Mon Amour MySpace doo-da.
Check out the wee trailer below for a taste of what the album holds in store for your soul. Er, although the copy I’ve got doesn’t feature “Take My Breath Away”. Or “Dreams”. But it does have enough other good stuff for it not to really matter.
Hollywood, Mon Amour is released on 6th October.

[video: miodawa]

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