Who Farted? David Gilmour, Jools Holland or Katy Perry?

Who Farted?

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The key to figuring out who done a guff-guff in this scenario is, as always, the smiles. Katy Perry, normally so full of vim and funtimes, has apparently been frozen into a rictus statue. Why? She just got a whiff, that’s why, and not of Old Spice. She doesn’t know what to do. Jools Holland, meanwhile, is stood next to the hottest pop star on the planet right now – a rather pretty one to boot – and yet his expression says: “That… that smell – it’s BBC canteen cabbage, I’m sure it is. I stopped eating there years ago, and I know Katy had sushi, so…”
So indeed, Jools. So indeed. David Gilmour looks rather pleased with himself, doesn’t he? He’s exhibiting none of the discomfort we see on the faces of his counterparts. He’s luxuriating in a post-blast high. He farted.

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