Cassette Closet: store your music while bypassing iTunes

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cassette-closet.jpgWhen I moved a few months back the biggest headheartache was what to do with my audio tapes. You wouldn’t believe how many compilations I made as a teenager. Suffice to say the time I spent making them was time spent not having a lot of sex.
So anyway, when I moved I couldn’t bear to part with them and chucked them in a couple of big plastic boxes which I then had to hide behind the couch. What I really need is one of these cassette closets, made by Dutch designer Patrick Schuur (click image to enlarge).
Apparently this lump of mentalism comprises 918 tapes, which is even more than are lurking behind my sofa. You can read more and see more and be agog more at Creative Barn.
Check out a video of the thing “in action” after the jump – or if you’d rather melt your old cassettes down, go here for some ghoulish inspiration

Cassette Tape Closet | visit for more info! from Patrick Schuur on Vimeo.
[via Tech Digest]

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