Common and Pharrell go all 21st century for "Universal Mind Control"

Hip-Hop Isn't Dead, Video

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common_pharrell_universal_mind_control.jpgThis collabo from highly-repsected baldy rapper Common and the increasingly tiresome Pharrell Williams is an odd one. It’s got a pleasing “futuristic” vibe, and Common is as adept on the mic as ever… But I think it may be a case of diminishing returns – after two or three listens I didn’t really mind if I never got to hear it again.
That state of affairs is not helped by the video, which is kind of cool in a Tron/“Scream” kind of way, but will look dated by lunchtime today. And Pharrell was clearly “otherwise engaged”, because he’s represented by a robot with a severe case of jaw-jut :(

[video: OnSmash]

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