Duff McKagan's daughters might as well get lockable knickers and throw away the key

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Duff_mckagan_resized_edited-1.jpgFormer Guns N’ Roses members know a fair bit about debauchery. They might not remember too many specifics regarding their antics in the 80s and 90s, but you know they’ll have emerged with a pretty decent understanding of how depraved young men can be.
Which poses problems when it comes to raising their own children. OK, daughters. To be fair, if you’d seen half the filth ex-G N’ R bassist Duff McKagan has, you’d probably be pretty nervous about your daughters’ impending puberty as well.
To his credit, though, Duff has detailed his approach to such a tricky subject in an intelligent and perceptive article for Seattle Weekly. Looks like you can drink until your pancreas explodes without it affecting your grey matter too much.

In “The Birds, The Bees and My Daughters”, Duff addresses, among other things, the issue of being a parent in the age of the internet. “Gone are the days of finding Dad’s Playboy under his mattress and getting a five-second perusal of some T and A,” he notes sagely.
What I like about his piece is that it combines objective commentary on raising kids in the internet age with, on the subject of kids indulging in oral sex in middle school, more emotional responses like: “There is no way my two angels are gonna be ANY part of that nonsense, believe you me!”
It gets better:
If I were to find out that anything bad was happening, all of my Utopian hubbub would go out the window, and it would get real 1950′s in the McKagan household, and in a hurry. On top of that, I’d have my shotgun at the ready and you’d better bring an army! But I digress.
There’s something quaint about his phrasing that I can’t help warming to. Check out the rest of his article at Seattle Weekly here (he writes a column every week apparently), and keep your sons away from his daughters for God’s sake.

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