Gallery: Sir Paul McCartney used to have the horriblest mullet in the world


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Sir Paul McCartney, of Frog Chorus fame, is today thought of as an ageing-rather-well-thank-you-very-much elder smoothie of rock. And quite right too. Remember, though, he was around as an adult in the 70s, which means – as was law back then in olden times – he sometimes walked around looking like a bit of a dick.
Hey hey hey, you know it’s true. And if you don’t, look at this photo here. That’s really him. That’s really Sir Paul McCartney and his late wife Linda, whose femi-mullet is no less worthy of attention.
Click the image to see more photos of the Maccas’ horror hair. Do it. Do it nowabouts.
[images: RexFeatures/James Fortune]

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