How many records do you think Enya has sold?

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enya.jpgOlder types may recall Enya’s “Orinoco Flow”, from back in the mists of the 1980s. God, it was huge. Massive. It was all plinky-plonky but also ethereal and tackled big issues like, uh, rivers flowing. If you think you don’t know it, I can assure you you probably do. The video’s after the jump to ring your mindbells.
Anyway, Enya is releasing a new album in November called And Winter Came. This news is about as interesting to me as the fact that the light in my hallway still isn’t working. But reading about this forthcoming release led me to learn a rather stunning fact.
Enya has sold 70 MILLION albums.

70 fucking million! I find that fascinating, especially since I have heard of none of these works, save 1988′s Watermark. Have you heard of them? A Day Without Rain? The Memory Of Trees? Paint The Sky With Stars?
Here’s another mindblower for you – in 2001, Enya was the world’s biggest-selling artist. Jennifer Lopez, LeAnn Rimes, Dave Matthews Band, Aerosmith, Savage Garden, U2 – they were all outsold by Enya’s A Day Without Rain. The only act that outsold Enya was The Beatles’ compilation 1, which doesn’t count because it was a kerchingtastic cash-in compilation.
I guess you could a fair amount of her success in the noughties down to her association with all that The Lord Of The Rings nonsense, but that doesn’t explain 70 million records. Who bought the rest? Was it you?
Anyway, on this particular day I am feeling very respectful to Enya for this achievement. On another day I might have torn into her easily-digestible cooing. But not today.
So, well done Enya. As YouTube commenter JazzUnibrow sagely remarks: “Enya is fucking brutal.”

[video: edumatte]


  1. Well, I make sure to buy 10,000 copies of her albums once a week. I don’t know if that’s making a difference in the sales projections, but I’ve been doing it for a while now.

  2. Stuart Waterman says:

    An amusing comment! Hurrah, Anthony Fantano – you win a smile! :-)

  3. Donny says:

    Be nice now…….Enya certainly isn’t suitable for everyone, but she has a very strong legion of fans….hence 70 million albums. And once “And Winter Came’ comes out, that number will certainly shoot up even higher.

  4. Joe says:

    One of the fans right here!

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