James Bond movie themes that never were

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bond.gifThere’s something fascinating about albums that never came to fruition, songs that were shelved, collaborations that were too shite to be released, no? The Guardian today has a veritable dooziefest of such matters – it’s a list of songs and acts who almost, but didn’t quite, make the final cut for previous Bond themes.
And even better than that is the fact that there are links to many of them, so you can close your eyes and imagine Alice Cooper doing the theme for The Man With The Golden Gun, Blondie doing the honours for For Your Eyes Only, and – ohbloodyyes – Ace Of Base smeared all over Goldeneye.
Sadly no link to the mooted collaboration between Winehouse and Ronson, of course. Maybe one day, eh?
Check out who else missed out on the Bond theme honour at The Guardian

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  1. Koffeekid says:

    The song “Goldeneye” by Ace of Base was released as the “Juvenile” in 2002 on the album “Da Capo”

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