Linkin Park to soundtrack CSI character's "emotional journey"

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Chester_Bennington_LP.JPGI had an emotional journey this morning. I’d forgotten to take the mince out of the freezer before I left the flat, and it was playing on my mind something terrible on the train the whole way. Thankfully a quick text to my flatmate got that sorted. Highs and bloody lows.
Anyway, that Gil Grissom off CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, he knows all about emotional journeys. You would, wouldn’t you, if you spent your time dicking around with corpses? How did they die? Was it gory? Will a reconstruction of their murder look wicked in High Definition?
In fact Grissom’s emotional journeys are so flipping intense that they are going to be scored by the new single from mildly irked rock boys Linkin Park.

S’true! For the first time since records began being made, a TV series is going to incorporate the melody of a rock song into the score of an episode. I think we’re being encouraged to think this is very much different from the usual tactic of just slapping vaguely emotive snippets of tunes over moments of high drama.
The song in question is “Leave Out All The Rest”, and it’ll appear on the Thursday November 6th episode in the States (a few hours later for everyone else in the world with Bittorrent).
Not only will the tune open and close the episode, it’ll lend its title to it as well. Blimey, that’s a whole lot of exposure for Linkin Park’s fifth single from latest album Minutes to Midnight, isn’t it? I wonder how many radio plays this partnership equates to.
Jason Alexander (probably not that Jason Alexander), the music supervisor for CSI, said: “We found the melody and lyrics of the song to work so well with our story, that we underscored Grissom’s emotional journey with it.”
Does that mean the character himself can hear the song as well? Like, in his head? Because normally Gil Grissom listens to opera on his headphones. So, would he be hearing both opera and Linkin Park in his poor brain at the same time? If this is the case the man’s mind must be in a frankly frightful mess, and I fear for the safety of his colleagues.
[source: Starpulse]
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