Little Boots makes YouTube cover versions – and Haddaway – bearable

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little_boots.jpgLast Friday afternoon, for me, was spent falling progressively further under the spell of Little Boots.

At this point I would normally spew out some “facts” purloined from Wikipedia, but it would appear that Little Boots doesn’t yet have a marketing person/rabid fan prepared to knock her up a page. That will probably change rather soon.

In fact, Little Boots proclaims to spend all her time on MySpace and/or her keyboards, so maybe she could do it herself.

Anyway, Ms Boots is all set to be a sizeable new pop star. There are several reasons to like her, beyond the fact she looks like that (click image to enlarge) very nice.

1. Her own songs, which are precision-crafted dancefloor n’chart-slaying pop beasties.

2. Her YouTube page, which features covers of recent pop hits by Hot Chip, Wiley and Alphabeat alongside performances of her own aforementioned ditties. She writes funny little descriptions for everything, too. In an ideal world, every pop star – hell, every person - would have a YouTube page as engaging. She reads her comments, too: “my fav was the person who wanted to rape me with their 1 inch penis???!!? is that possible???”

3. Her blog, which is amusingly written and features lots of photos she has taken on her increasingly frequent travels.
She’s already received the Popjustice seal of approval, with them remarking recently: “The stuff she writes and produces and performs is really incredibly brilliant: bright, sophisticated modern pop music full of hooks and tunes and exciting sounds and sonic tricks.”

The PJ thumbs-up usually means an act goes on to sell three and a half records, but Little Boots seems to be quite prepared to promote the shit out of herself – she’s going to be at CMJ in New York this week, with no fewer than seven appearances listed on her MySpace at the time of writing.

Personally I like the fact that even as she’s about to hit the big time she does all the MySpace / YouTube / blog stuff herself. It allows her intelligence and sense of humour to come across, and you can’t help warming to her. Of course if she really makes it that’ll all be handed over to a lackey, but at this point it’s an example of how pop stars can use “social media” to promote themselves beyond just bunging a few tracks onto their MySpace. Or making videos that make them look like dicks.

I suppose I should now post one of her tunes, but instead I’m going to urge you to watch her cover of Haddaway’s classic “What Is Love”, below. There’s something really endearing about it – and in case you think I’m being a perv I’d direct you to the disclaimer she put with the video on YouTube:


[video: littlebootsvideos]
[image: Daniel Sannwald]

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  1. Darika says:

    Um, this just reminds me of being 8 and messing about in my room with a mini-Roland keyboard.

  2. johnny says:

    Its not endearing,its poor-like all her stuff. Anyone can show their knickers mate, just dont confuse it with talent.
    (and dont for a moment think there isnt a big PR number being played here)

  3. StuartW says:

    Goodness, aren’t we cynical? I’m sure her PR folk don’t discourage her from putting out cute videos and whatnot, but at least it’s regular “product” that displays her ability and that will engage fans. It beats the odd free MP3 giveaway, anyway.

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