Razorlight's Johnny Borrell doesn't care how much you hate him

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razorlight_promo.jpgThis promotional image (click to enlarge) appeared on the back of Observer Music Monthly on Sunday. It’s for Razorlight’s new album, Slipway Fires.
I wonder what the “other” members of Razorlight think about this advertisement. I imagine them separately going into the studio to have their snaps taken, little realising that the finished product will have them not only dressed in black, but also shrouded in darkness. And as they sit posing for the photographer, I imagine the conversation going something like this:
“And Johnny – he’s going to be dressed in black too, yeah?”
“Yeah yeah yeah.”
“It’s just – I don’t see Johnny in black that often…”
“Yeah yeah yeah, he’s going to be in a black hoodie, just like you. Could you just turn your head to the right a bit?”
Poor the other members of Razorlight :(

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  1. alex says:

    I’d be more annoyed at having to be seen next to the bare chest and long beads

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