Sia lights up Later With Jools Holland

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sia_on_later.jpgIf there’s one thing I know about the current poplear music landscape, it’s that there aren’t quite enough unhinged lunatics out there. I don’t mean the kind of pop star who goes out of an evening, gets off their face on naughtyvits and punches a photographer. I mean genuinely eccentric, endlessly creative, risk-taking mavericks.
I think that Sia is up there with the best of them in the modern age. She writes very good songs, she has a very good voice and she doesn’t mind looking like a proper headcase.
Did you see her on Later With Jools Holland last week? She was the one who, with her band, looked like Papa Lazarou as drawn by a child with fluorescent crayons.
I can’t believe this is the first time I’ve written about Sia, I’m an IDIOT.

On the show she performed “Buttons” dressed in an outfit made of neon sticky tape and filmed under black light, so it looked really freakazoid. But that’s something Sia does pretty well – last year her video for the same track got over 300,000 views in one day after it was featured by Perez Hilton. You can see it here – it is magnificent to see a pop star so willing to make herself look ridiculous. It’s inventive and funny, and as a result is more engaging than a zillion soft-focus slow-motion megastar promo clips.
Anyway, here’s Sia on Later. This is called “putting on a show”, in case any dull pop stars reading think that just standing there looking sincere is an entertaining way to behave.

[video: YukijinVsMothra]

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