Who Farted? Fat Joe or Ne-Yo?

Who Farted?

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Two music industry heavy-hitters here. Let’s examine the situation and try and work out the most likely farter.
Not much being given away facially, although it does appear that Fat Joe is sporting a half-smile – and when I see a half-smile I tend to think the half-smiler is struggling to withhold a grimace. So on that level Ne-Yo is prime suspect.

Fat Joe, however, is fairly sizeable. That’s why he’s called Fat Joe. So it’s reasonable to imagine he eats a decent amount of grub. He probably gets through a fair amount of “digestion”, is what I’m saying. You know where I’m going with this, I don’t think I need to lead you there.
Let’s go back and check Ne-Yo out though. Does it not look like he’s presenting Joey Crack with something? Something… invisible? Something… precious? Something… fart-shaped? Why, he’s doing a hand-waft, disguised as some street gang-style signal!
Ne-Yo dun a fart! Ne-Yo farted!
[image: Seth Browarnik/Rex Features]

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