Alex Zane: "Scouting For Girls are starting to grate a little bit"

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Orange unsignedAct continues to crush bands’ dreams for our entertainment every weekend, bless its little heart. I spoke to Alex Zane about the show, Burt Reynolds and his approach to to playing Scouting For Girls records.

Hello Alex Zane. In this day and age, do bands really need reality TV exposure and a record deal to be successful?

Well, TV is just a different medium for bands to exploit. Bands like Arctic Monkeys used MySpace to launch their careers, and with MySpace you can be presented with a band as you lie in bed hungover on a Sunday morning. Orange unsignedAct does that as well at the moment.

What acts are you a fan of on Orange UnsignedAct ? I quite like Glass Shark, we’ve played them on the office stereo recently.

Glass Shark are really nice guys and I thought their song was fantastic. They’re out of the competition now though – they had other stuff bubbling under already for them, and acts on the show have to remain completely unsigned. They chose that option rather than to continue with the TV show.
There’s a great guy called Tommy Riley, from Glasgow. He’s a singer-songwriter with a passion onstage you don’t tend to see much nowadays. He’s only about twenty years old but he swallows all the atmosphere in a room and spits it back out. I love Hip Parade as well, they’re a really good rock n’ roll band.
Jolly good. Now, Orange is clearly the best mobile phone network in the galaxy.
I’ve heard that too.

If you were to enjoy an Orange Wednesday, who would it be with and what film would you go to see?

I can pick any movie, even though it might not be screened anymore?
Yes. In this scenario they’re showing classics from the archives as well.
Wow, OK… I’d probably take Burt Reynolds, and the movie I’d go to see would be Smokey And The Bandit. I’m a huge Burt Reynolds fan. I got detention at school because of Burt Reynolds once.
How so?
We all had to put the names of famous people into a hat, and then write an essay about whoever we picked out. People were putting in King Arthur, Julius Caeser and stuff, and I put in Burt Reynolds. The teacher asked “Who put Burt Reynolds in here?” I thought I was going to get a prize or something so I said “I did! That’s mine!” She gave me detention.
That seems a little unfair.
I thought so. To this day though, my dream is to get a black Pontiac Firebird so I can cross America with a load of stolen beer. And Sally Field. I imagine once the police start shooting at me I probably wouldn’t enjoy it all that much, though.
That could be your next TV project.
He is a bit old now though, Burt Reynolds. Would I have to sit next to him? He might smell a bit. I met him once in L.A and he loved talking about his old movies. At the end of the interview he said he’d remember my name, and I bumped into him the next night at a whisky bar off the Sunset Strip. I was with this girl so I told her I knew Burt Reynolds, and took her off to meet him. He called me Alan.
Oh well, at least it’s nice to be able to say you’ve been drinking with Burt Reynolds.
Yeah. It’s not the first time I’ve been called Alan, either. I was once billed at a stand-up club as “Alan Zone”. I quite fancy it as an alter-ego.
Of course on OrangeAct Unsigned you’re working with another Alex: Alex James…
Who as of this morning is no longer former bassist of Blur!
Yes, they’re reforming next year I gather – did he give you any tip-off about that?
No, the bastard. I’m always telling him how much I love Blur, how much I enjoyed his book and all that. All he talks about is his latest cheese.
He’s all about the cheese these days.
I know – you live on a farm, you make cheese. Great stuff. What about Blur? Not a peep out of him. I could have broken that news on my breakfast show.

Talking of your breakfast show – are there any acts you have to play from the XFM playlist where you just think “Ugh, not them again”?

Yeah, loads. Hang on, I’ll get out my playlist from this morning. (Sound of paper being uncrumpled) I’ll have to be a bit quiet because I’m at XFM at the moment and I might get into trouble.
(Reads through playlist) They’re alright… they’re alright… Nirvana, good… Kings Of Leon, good… don’t really like the new Razorlight single very much…
Bit pompous?
Uh, yeah… Have you seen the video?
The one with all the matches? YES.
Here we go – Scouting For Girls. I’ll tell you a secret. Because XFM is part of a big group (Global Radio), I can get access to all the other radio stations’ music. They sometimes edit singles down, so I often play the Hit40UK version of the Scouting For Girls single. It shaves a minute off.
That’s a valuable minute of your day to get back.
I mean when I first heard it I thought, “hey, this is quite upbeat, quite nice”. But after quite literally two hundred listens – I’m not joking – it’s starting to grate a little. Lovely boys, though, so what can you do?
Do lovely boys make good music, though?
Dave Grohl does. He’s the nicest man in rock.
That’s true, I suppose. I have to go and get on with some work now, Alex Zane. Thank you very much for your time. GOODBYE.
Alex is presenting Orange unsignedAct with Sony Ericsson, Sundays on T4, 12:40pm

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  1. CJ says:

    Wowza, that’s a pretty cool interview. Not least because of the Blur bit. Well done, Stuart Waterman.
    Alex Zane AND Blur news, all in one neatly packaged post. It doesn’t get better than that. Whoop whoop!

  2. Jaz says:

    Lolz, nice interview. You should have asked about the pasta salad though

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