Beach House's "Used To Be" video fools people into thinking it's interesting

I Don't Like Them As Much As I'm Supposed To, Video

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Things other folk have said about Beach House’s new video for “Used To Be”:
- “The saturated desert hues and retro motel settings of this video (shot during a recent West Coast tour in the desert outside LA with director Matt Amato) are visually stunning.” – I Am Fuel, You Are Friends
- “beautifully cinematic” – Sketchytown
- “the video perfectly captures the longing and melancholy that runs through most Beach House songs” – Stark Online
Things *I* have said about Beach House’s new video for “Used To Be:

- *yawn*
- “Huh. Nice suit.”
- *yawn*
- “So… is anything going to happen?”
- “I’m hungry.”
- “Ha ha, someone in the office just tripped over a cable.”
- *yawn*
- “Ooh look, my Twitter updates.”
- “Ooh look, I received an email. It’s only from a mailing list I never look at, but it’s more interesting than this pretentious piece of nonsense.”
- “God, it’s STILL GOING?”
- “Finally. Do I need to pretend I enjoyed that?”

[video: CarParkRecords]

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