Fightstar, Kate Nash, Ironik and The Wombats sent back to school by MySpace

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If you go to MySpace school, be sure to abide by the rules. In case you can’t read it on the whiteboard because Mr Simpson and Miss Nash are in the way, those rules are:

MySpace Rocks
MySpace Rocks
MySpace Rocks
MySpace Rocks
MySpace Rocks
MySpace Rocks
MySpace Rocks

Mr Simpson doesn’t seem to be taking class too seriously – I bet he’d let you call him “Charlie”, and get his guitar out every Friday afternoon. Miss Nash, though… she looks like harder work. And yet foxy with it, no? Bloody Ironik isn’t even paying attention, and his posture is frankly appalling.

Ironik really “comes alive” behind the decks.
Look at Miss Nash cutting loose! Go Miss!
Who’s this, Liverpool’s The Wombats? That DJ equipment will be propped up on bricks by the end of their set, etc etc etc
Look, it’s all of Fightstar!
The youth of Harrogate Grammar School took time out from sticking fireworks up old people’s bums and stabbing each other with phones in order to enjoy the show.

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