Nadine from Girls Aloud thinks dogs are Nintendo DS-shaped

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Girls Aloud popped along to the Dogs Trust West London Rehoming Centre the other day. They showed some children that Nintendogs game you’ve probably seen them flogging on the telly recently.

They’re showing children that video games are not just about retreating from real life and spending entire weekends in your pyjamas, but also for learning that caring for a doggy involves more than just trying to ride it around the garden. That little boy in the picture thinks he’s too good for such lessons, clearly.
“It’s just like having a real dog in my hand,” remarked Nadine Coyle, who clearly believes canines are made of pink moulded plastic and come with little buttons to turn them on and off.
Read more about the Dogs Trust/Nintendo/Girls Aloud dream team here.
[image: Dogs Trust Blog]

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