Personalised David Hasselhoff posters, for the student/grandmother in your life

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santa_hoff.jpgIf you know someone who is an ironic/unironic/”oh God I don’t even know if I’m being ironic anymore” David Hasselhoff fan, you might want to bookmark the shit out of And/or cut said David Hasselhoff fan out of your life like mould from a block of cheese.
But you can’t really do that if said fan is your Nan, can you? What you can do is get a special message wroted onto a poster of (sigh) “The Hoff”. Because that’s what does – it takes messages and prints them digitally “on your poster in handwriting style that accurately mimics the celebrities’ writing style, accompanied by a digital facsimile of their signature.”
See after the jump for some of the lovely poses The Hoff strikes on his posters.

So, for instance, you could have “Good morning Nan! Here’s to ya! David Hasselhoff :-) ” printed onto this one:
Or, if Nan has a weakness for facelifted smoothies lounging in boudoirs wielding dethorned roses, you could have “Hey Nan. Let’s chill. David Hasselhoff :-) ” printed onto this one:
But really, if you’re buying Nan a poster for Christmas, you’ll want to get her this one. “Hey Nan, let’s go tube-riding some time. I’ll be your lifeguard! LOL. Santa Hoff. :-) ”:
And just in case Nan thinks that someone is having a laugh at The Hoff’s expense, maybe cut out n’ keep this little snippet and put it in her card:
If The Hoff is a little too edgy for your recipient of choice, you can also get Cliff Richard, Tom Jones and Julio Iglesias posters made up, alongside stars from some band called “Arsenal FC”.
See for the full range.

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