Sir Paul McCartney records tracks as a lady

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paul_mccartney_mullet_3.jpgSir Paul McCartney has revealed that as a way of relieving the pressure of being Sir Paul McCartney, he adopts an alter ego when in the studio. And a female alter ego at that.
Yes, when Macca approaches the mic to “lay down” some “vocals”, he does so as a lady by the name of Gladys Jenkins.
“That way,” he explains, “when you go to the microphone, I don’t think of it as going as Paul McCartney and it frees you up.”

Apparently he used this approach when recording Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, although it’s not clear if Gladys – who I like to imagine is a Welsh dinner lady – was also the persona he adopted back then in 1967.
Also unclear is how far Sir Paul takes this little act of make-believe. So let’s just imagine that yes, he does don a pinny and hairnet. And yes, his varicose veins are giving him hell today. And yes, he does precede each performance with a gossip about Mrs Jones at number 48.
The thing is, as he gets on, you do worry whether Sir Paul might start getting a bit confused as to who he actually is. If he turns up on stage at his next show moaning about how provocatively the girls in the audience are dressed, you can be fairly sure he’s taken it too far.
[source: Yahoo! Music News]

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