Busta Rhymes' "Arab Money" gets Galaxy's Steve Sutherland suspended

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arab_money.jpgLooks like Global Radio have been taking a leaf out of the BBC’s book. Multi MOBO-winning DJ Steve Sutherland has been suspended after some listeners to his networked Galaxy radio show complained after he aired Busta Rhymes’ “Arab Money”.
“Arab Money” is just another blingalicious number really (also, it takes a fair amount of “inspiration” from Erick Sermon’s “React”), except instead of namechecking east coast / west coast locations it mentions Dubai, Saudi Arabia and Iran. One can imagine problems may arise when Busta breaks out lyrics like “Sittin in casinos while I’m gamblin with Arafat”, and referencing “cameltoe bitches”. Oh, and pronouncing “arab” as “ay-rab” isn’t going to help, either.
Meanwhile, just saying the words “Iran and Iraq, Saudi Arabia!” is enough to get some folk riled these days.

There seems to be some confusion over whether most of the offence was taken at the verse lyrics – which, while unquestionably dumb and ignorant, are not atypical of the cartoonish nonsense rap music produces on occasion – or the chorus hook, which is sung in an Arabian language and translates either to something about Allah or absolute gibberish, depending on who you choose to believe.
Check out Busta having a whale of a time performing the song and its dance below – and if this is the last post this site produces, you’ll know what happened.

[video: power106videos]
[source: FatLace]

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  1. stats101 says:

    A great article on the reaction to Busta Rhymes’ Remix of Arab Money:

  2. Ryan says:

    The song is just wack to max. Sack this dj Steve Sutherland for having straight up bad taste. Busta done fall off. The video looks like they getting food stamps money.

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