CSS remix of Chromeo's "Fancy Footwork" soundtracks Kickers ad

Video, Where Have I Heard That Song Before?

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Terribly misleading, this little collaboration between Kickers and Chromeo. I just gave it a look having been sent it by Brandish editor Isabelle and immediately hit the Kickers website to try and splank some money on a pair of helicopter boots. Nothing. THEY DO NOT EVEN EXIST.
Harrumph. Once you get over that disappointment you’re able to appreciate that this is quite a cool little clip, with other Kickers turning into cute wittle monsters and stuff. Plus, it has something relatively new from Chromeo, in the shape of a CSS remix of “Fancy Footwork”. Since Chromeo appear to dragging their own Kickers when it comes to MAKING A NEW FLIPPING ALBUM, this will have to do for the time being.
Check out the full clip after the click.

[video: MeetTheKickers]

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  1. Zara says:

    The shoes are available in Autumn Winter 2009!!
    So don’t worry and get excited! Glad you liked the video and keep your eye on the website!
    Cheers, Zara

  2. Zara says:

    Hey, the shoes are coming out in the Autumn…. keep an eye on the site or if you want to become a facebook fan you’ll be messaged updates so I can tell you when they’re out,
    Zara x

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