Kanye West visits Conan O'Brien, needs pee-pee

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kanye_west_conan_o'brian.jpgA lot of videos round here at the moment, aren’t there? And here are a couple more.
Kanye paid Conan O’Brien a visit the other night as part of the promo for 808s & Heartbreak. I’m a big fan of Conan and his sillier moments, but it’s interesting to note that with Mr West he reins in that element of his personality for the most part.
The interview segment sees Kanye chatting about fashion – and he does look rather fresh, it has to be said – before admitting he needs a wee because he didn’t have time for one before coming out. The performance vid features him doing “Heartless”, with the small stage an odd setting to see him bounding around.

[videos: OnSmash]
[via Mr. Frost]

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