Madison Avenue ad agency "signs" Los Angeles band Miss Derringer

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miss_derringer.jpgWhen EMI honcho Guy Hands intimated a few months back that bands might need to look for strategic brand alliances to make money – or at least raise decent marketing budgets – there was general outrage from quarters who still quaintly believe in the notion that music is not “product”.
But things are definitely heading that way. A few months ago Media Week touched on the notion of a brand breaking an entirely new band in the manner that record companies traditionally have. Now Madison Avenue ad firm Deutsch has hooked up with an unsigned band by the name of Miss Derringer in a “strategic partnership”.

Deutsch will help with the launch and marketing of the band’s album Winter Hill – a deal which will see the agency pitch the band’s music to its clients for ad placement. Since their clients include brands such as Sony PlayStation and IKEA, Miss Derriger could conceivably be looking at some huge exposure.
Deutsch, meanwhile, gets to show that it has the means to reach those pesky disposable income-drenched young consumers.
So, theoretically, an entirely unsigned band could end up in the living rooms of US consumers thanks to appearing on TV ads for household names.
It makes a lot of financial sense – with record companies becoming ever more skint, ad agencies and big brands can provide a whole lot more marketing moolah.
As Media Week reported in September, rap producer Jermaine Dupri – who has hooked up with the homies at Proctor & Gamble to launch Tag Records – laid it on the table: “”I’ve never seen someone wanting to devote this much money to breaking new artistes. Nobody in the music business has the marketing budget that I have.”
So how long is it likely to be before we get to the point where we see, for example, the Levi’s Kings Of Leon Tour, or The American Apparel Santogold Live Experience? And despite the financial sense involved, are we allowed to feel a little bit… funny about it all?
[source: Yahoo News]

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