My Chemical Toilet's music-related Christmas gift guide

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Do you know someone who “likes music”? Do you need to buy them a gift? Have you found yourself gazing glassy-eyed at the CD section in Tesco? Then you will be pleased to hear that this collection of gift suggestions is for you.
I’ve attempted to assemble a slightly offbeat list of (at times highly tenuous) music-related gifts, so hopefully this will provide some inspiration.
Musical Instruments
Coloured Musical Instruments
karacha_red_violin.jpgI just asked the boss if, when our website traffic reaches 5 people, I can have my own My Chemical Toilet colour-coded violin duo to stand by my desk and surround me with melody throughout the working day. She said no, and gave me some kind of formal warning.
karacha_yellow_violin.jpgBut that hasn’t stopped me identifying the precise instruments my fantasy duo will play. If these red and yellow items aren’t your chosen recipient’s thing, you can always try one of the other myriad shades available at There’s even a black one for the teenager flirting with gothism.

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  1. Siany says:

    Yay! Ace presents! Although… if you were listening to music while Scuba Diving, you should probably be listening to The Bends, no?
    Either way, you still won’t be able to hear Jaws music when there’s a shark behind you and that’s very dangerous indeedy.

  2. Stuart Waterman says:

    The Bends! How did I miss that gag??

  3. Vicky says:

    Waterproof earphones- might make swimming at your local pool interesting and stop water getting in your ears. Bonus.

  4. Waterproof ear phones, that’s such a cool idea

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