The Top Ten Most Erotic Christmas Songs *insert joke about man coming down chimneys here*

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If you fancy an alternative list of Christmas tunes there’s quite a good one from the improbable but rather impressive location of The Dallas Observer.
The Top Ten Most Erotic Christmas Songs sounds like a challenging list to put together, and so it proves – “Mr Hanky The Christmas Poo”? “The hottest song ever, if you’re a fecalphiliac,” they say. Good job they qualified that.
I took a shine to this list because it introduced me to Clarence Carter’s terrifically wrong “Backdoor Santa”, which features oo-er lyrics such as “I ain’t like Old Saint Nick, he don’t come but once a year.” You can listen to that at the top of this post.
Head to The Dallas Observer’s DC9 At Night to see the rest of the list.

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