2009 AVN Adult Movie Awards unveils "Best Original Song" nominees

Video, Where Have I Heard That Song Before?

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The Brits and The Grammys are on the horizon, but coming first are The Adult Video Network Awards. While the winners of categories such as “Best Gang Bang/Orgy Release” and “Best MILF Series” may take the limelight, it’s gratifying to know that there is also a section for “Best Original Song”.
S’true. You thought all the budget went on baby oil and silicone, didn’t you?
It’s probably just as well clips for “Big Phat Apple Bottom Bootys 13″ and “Tinkle Time” can’t be found, but I am pleased to be able to present “Rock & Roll In My Butthole” from the movie of the same name, performed by the elegantly-monikered Brutal Enigma. Catch it over the page. (NSFW I imagine. All you see are buttocks, though.) It makes The Darkness appear refined.

[video: DougSakmann]
[via The Daily Swarm]

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