A Tribe Called Quest collaborate with Nike Air Jordan on some CRACK! apparel

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air_jordan_a_tribe_called_quest.jpgNext month is a big one for thirtysomething conscious hip-hop sneaker freaks, for it sees Nike release an Air Jordan collaboration with none other than A Tribe Called Quest. To the left you can see the trainer in question (click image to enlarge).
Looks like they’ll be retailing for upwards of $100, but if your budget is more two-digit-y maybe you’d be better off with a t-shirt inspired by the sleeve design of Tribe’s classic Midnight Marauders album. Click through for a pic…

nike_air_jordan_a_tribe_called_quest_t-shirt.jpg(click image to enlarge)
Pretty fresh, huh? Also, did you know that wearing age-inappropriate clothing distracts people from your receding hairline and baby pouch? Just sayin’.
I’m not sure I trust my own eyes on this one, though. Let’s see what the wise folk at the Niketalk forum have to say (click to enlarge):
As far as reasons to be interested go, those are fairly sound.
Anyone else? (click to enlarge)
Oh, “CRACK!” indeed, my friend!
Well reader, whether you decide to go for the footwear or the tee, when you’re begging with the bank not to repossess your house you are going to be looking fly, sonnn!
[via - *cough* - It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold This Sac]

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