Alela Diane is another one of those folk types who likes wood and streams and stuff

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The esteemed editor of Shiny Shiny, Susi Weaser, writes:

Posting duties for this song have been passed on to me by the infinitely lazy Stuart, presumably because the phrases ‘violin and rustic percussion’ and ‘woozy folk flourishes’ appear in the press release. Just reading those terms has brought him out in armpit hives, while they’ve done something altogether more pleasant to me.
“White As Diamonds” is by someone called Alela Diane. I suggest you say that name aloud right now. Personally speaking, it’s probably the most pleasing thing to have come out of my mouth since I half-swallowed a wasp and then coughed it up. But of course that was pleasant because it was so unpleasant having it in there – I have not been hiding Alela Diane (say it!) in my mouth all this time. (Er, good to know – Ed)

So. The song (how many times are you supposed to listen to something before it becomes OK for you to make an opinion public? I played it safe and went for three).
Violins; beautiful lyrics (albeit it a slight over-extension of the ‘morning like diamonds’ metaphor); lots of folksy wailing; a reference to something called ‘snorrow’ (could that be something akin to “sorrow”?); obligatory pirate-y drowning broken hearts reference. And for extra folksy points she chops her own wood, according to her blog.
“White As Diamonds” comes from her forthcoming album To Be Still, which is released on 16th February. You can download the track for zilch right here, and find out more info at Names Records’ brand spanking new blog.
There. Now back to writing about vibrators, I think.

Catch Alela Diane live in the UK in March:

25th March – The Sage, Gateshead
26th March – ABC2, Glasgow
27th March – The Deaf Institue, Manchester
29th March – Howard Assembly Room, Leeds
30th March – St Giles Church, London (SOLD OUT, soz)

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