Cookin' With Coolio teaches you how to "control yo' seafood, b!tches"

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Coolio is currently residing in the UK’s Celebrity Big Brother house, where he is proving to be quite an accomplished shit-stirrer. But that’s not all he’s able to stir, oh no! Soz.

Last year he hosted his own online cookery show, Cookin’ With Coolio. Now, over Christmas I watched a bit of Rick Stein cooking some king prawns on a barbecue, and I have to say that five minutes of Coolio barbecuing prawns (or shrimp, as they say over there), while possibly not as culinarily informative, is a lot more entertaining.

For instance, you know how on rap records an MC will sometimes have a sidekick who rather pointlessly echoes what the main dude says? Coolio has one of those for when he cooks. So if Coolio adds some lemon to the dish, his little friend goes “Lemon! Yyyay-uh!”

Also, Coolio dresses as a pirate, and gets his entourage to dress similarly. This means there are people dressed as fish and crabs and stuff, and sometimes they have fights. And when the lid goes down on the barbecue? Then it is quite literally time to do a little dance.

Yes, in Coolio’s world pepper comes in “dime bags” and the end result isn’t “pucka” – it “taste better than yo’ momma’s nipples”.

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[video: CookinWithCoolio]

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  1. rod dangerfield says:

    so there is more to him than being a shit-talking/stirring phony rapper that cant rap

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