Delta Spirit's "Trashcan" not as beardy as first feared

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delta_spirit.jpgAs I’m sure you’ve noticed, 2009 has been claimed by young ladies with synths and laptops and the like. And hurrah for that, frankly, if it gets certain types of band – say, those with the word “Scouting” in their name, to pick a section at random – off our radios. Likewise, plaid-clothed forest-dwelling types with birds in their beards (except Bon Iver; he can stay).
HOWEVER. Let’s not call time on a whole gender, eh? One reason to allow men with stubble and checked shirts to continue to create music might be a band called Delta Spirit (above; click image to enlarge).

I know – you hear “Delta”, you think “Delta blues”, and suddenly you’re envisioning a troupe of prematurely-aged scratchy-voiced yokels just perfect for Pitchfork adoration. Allow Delta Spirit a little leeway if only to give their single “Trashcan” a listen, is all I’m saying.
It’s only two and a half minutes long, after all. It features hooky plinky-plonky piano-pounding a la Cold War Kids alongside a quite literally “rousing” chorus, and it rather makes you want to stride out into the street and GRAB LIFE BY THE ARSE. Or at least roll your sleeves up and, like, FINISH THAT WASHING UP.
“Trashcan” is released on January 26th, followed by debut album Ode To Sunshine in March. Delta Spirit have already supported Cold War Kids and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah on tour, and make their way over to Blighty for the latter part of January – check their MySpace for tour dates.
Here’s Trashcan:

[video: jonm145]

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