Empire Of The Sun's "We Are The People" video has feathers in its hair

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If you flipped your lid at Empire Of The Sun’s “Walking On A Dream”, and the accompanying Bowie-in-China-style video, you will be pleased to know that their new video for “We Are The People” is similarly flamboyant.
Face paint and bewilderingly silly headgear are still very much in evidence, for which Empire Of The Sun get a big tick. Likewise the fact that part of the video has quite possibly been shot in the same lagoon that bathed the rippling frame of Peter Andre circa his “Mysterious Girl” video.

I predict Empire Of The Sun may run into quite a few “MGMT copyist”-shaped obstacles, however. Their nouveau-psychedelic, feather-heavy styling can’t help but remind one of the vids for “Electric Feel” and “Time To Pretend”, can they?
Empire Of The Sun man has clearly been on this earth far longer than MGMT boy though, so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt if faced with claims that he has stolen the latter’s voice.
Anyway, it’s a shame “We Are The People” isn’t as whizz-bang marvellous as “Walking On A Dream”. To be honest, despite the flamboyance I had lost interest before the end of the vid, suggesting this particular tune does not have the stickiness of their last one.
We Are The People

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