Joaquin Phoenix's rap career may/may not be a hoax

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joaquin_phoenix_nme.jpgBy now I’m sure you’ve seen Joaquin Phoenix’s first tramptastic public performance as a rapper, complete with pratfall, after supposedly quitting acting. (And if not, why not? See it over the page.)
Unsurprisingly, many people are finding the notion that this Hollywood star would pack it all in to work with Diddy, even if it is as part of a video project with his brother-in-law Casey Affleck, rather hard to believe. And overnight, the RSS update you see to your left popped up in my reader.
“Hmm,” I thought. “Hmm.” Then I stopped “hmm-ing” and clicked the thing, only to be taken to a page that no longer exists. Was the hoax outed? And then inned? Are NME in on the whole thing? Has this “friend” been bumped off?

Well, what didn’t remain on NME does remain on Hollywood Insider, with confirmation of the “art project” apparently being confirmed by that most trustworthy of sources, “a source”.
All I really want to know is, am I allowed to add Phoenix to my collection of Naughty Rappers? Some clarification on this matter would be appreciated.
And wouldn’t you know it, as I’m about to hit “publish” the NME piece is back, which makes something of a mockery of the image accompanying this piece and my earlier conspiracy theorizing. The world moves too sharply for me, readers.
We can just pretend this post never happened, if you want. Move along after you’ve watched the funny man fall of the stage.

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