Krist Novoselic can't even play Nirvana songs on Guitar Hero

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Krist_Novoselic.jpgI knew the bass line to the song, of course, but I couldn’t quite master this new, different way of playing it.
So sayeth former Nirvana bassist and hairytall legend Krist Novoselic, who found himself having a go at “In Bloom” in a store, bless him.
Meanwhile, this kid was watching me fumble with the game. I became self-conscious and took the controller off. I handed it to him, and he proceeded to jam on the song–and was really good! He had no idea that I was the musician he was emulating on the game, and I didn’t tell him.
I wouldn’t have told him either, Krist. He would have laughed at you. And probably not believed you :(
Read the rest of Krist’s blog post at Seattle Weekly
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