Lil Wayne: not the greatest video blogger alive

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Following in the footsteps of Diddy, who entertained us last year with Blair Witch spoofs aimed at Sarah Palin, Lil Wayne has hopped on the vlogging bandwagon of late.
Well, I say of late – he started back in June 2008. But since the number of updates he’s managed hasn’t yet topped half a dozen, you don’t have to worry about having missed too much from (here’s that title again) the self-proclaimed greatest rapper alive.
And although it’s nice that Mr Weezy is taking a little time out to address the fans, the content of his dispatches isn’t especially compelling.

The latest one, issued on Christmas Eve, sees young Wayne eating steak and chips while getting a massage. Rather chucklesome, however, is the point where he says:
What’s going on with me right now… OHHH, I’m nominated for eight Grammys. That.

LOL. That’s the high point though, really. But we shouldn’t be too hard on the little milli-on-ayre – this is a significant improvement on his first Weezy blog, during which he slurs semi-coherent thanks to his fans for making Tha Carter III such a huge success.

Do we have a right to expect free, entertaining videos from our pop stars? Or should we just be glad they can be bothered to interrupt their cough syrup binges for long enough to say hello?
[video: QD3ENT]

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