M.I.A, Santogold, Spank Rock join N.A.S.A to ask "Whatchadoin?"

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Thumbnail image for santogold.jpgThis is a hipster collaboration so cool it’s a wonder it didn’t end in a fight to the death over whose shades were colourfulest.
Fortunately, as well as being very of the moment, M.I.A, Santogold and Spank Rock are all very amazing, as this – sorry, there’s simply no other term for it – BOOMING BIZNESS illustrates.
If you’re wondering who N.A.S.A are, they’re Spike Jonze’s brother and a pro skateboarder. Of course. It couldn’t just be a couple of bedroom geeks, could it? They have an album due for release next month with a whole host of stellar buddies helping them out, including Tom Waits, Method Man, David Byrne and Karen O. See a full tracklist here.
With a cast list like that and beats like these… Click over to stream “Whatchadoin’?”

[via Tape Recorder]

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