N.A.S.A's "Hip-Hop" is more fun than its title suggests

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I don’t know how many tracks there must have been over the years with the simplistic title “Hip-Hop”, but I’d wager this must be the best in a while.
From the eagerly-anticipated N.A.S.A project I mentioned a couple of weeks back, this track features KRS-One, Fatlip and Slim Kid Tre, and is a vibrant ode to simpler times when entering hip-hop was more than just a way to get your own branded sneaker.
Fortunately it does it in a way that actually illustrates how life-affirming hip-hop can be, and doesn’t degenerate into “when this were all fields”-style grumbling. It’s a party record, and no mistake.
Oh, and the video is brilliant as well. Witness the combination after the jump.

[via okayplayer]

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